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StairMagz is HERE!!!

STAIR MAGAZINE IS FINALLY BACK! Kindly check out our latest issue by clicking the link below and don’t forget to leave out some comments!  

[Open Recruitmen] KPU dan Baswaslu DPA HIMA HI UNPAD

  Hello fellas! Your chance is finally here! KPU & BAWASLU HIMA HI gladly invite you to be a part of us. The recruitment will be open from October 4th to October 8th. Don’t hesitate to ask anything you want…..


Departemen Infokom BPH Hima HI Unpad 2017 presents: HI-Frame “Never Was A Cloudy Day In September” (4th ed, September 2017) // September was a busy month for us. Though the weather may not always be sunny, but in our hearts…..

[Open Volunteer] GYC 2017

[WE NEED YOU] GYC is open for volunteers!! Calling all hardworking people who have the courage to join us in GYC for exciting three divisions. We’re also open for batch 2017!(moon grin) The recruitment is available ’till 6 October 2017……

[Delegates] PNMHII XXIX

[PENGUMUMAN PNMHII XXIX] Departemen Eksternal Hima HI Unpad mengucapkan selamat kepada para delegasi terpilih yang akan mewakili HI Unpad dalam PNMHIII XXIX di Universitas Pasundan, Bandung! Jadilah bagian dalam sejarah HI Unpad dan selamat melanjutkan perjuangan! Bagi yang belum terpilih,…..

[Open Recruitment] Padjadjaran Model United Nations 2018

      🔔[BREAKING NEWS]🔔 PADJADJARAN MUN IS BACK! 👉WE ARE INTERNATIONAL!👈 Padjadjaran Model United Nations will return in 2018 with a brand new concept – “Harmonizing Interests towards Peaceful Coexistence” and we need YOU to achieve more greatness next…..

[Open Volunteer] IR-Fest

  [OPEN VOLUNTEER] Are you ready to be a part of IR Fest 2017? The most spectacular music event in International Relations Universitas Padjadjaran is looking for volunteers! You can read the job description here: Fill the form here:…..

[Events] IR Fest 2017

BPH Himpunan Mahasiswa Hubungan Internasional Universitas Padjadjaran Proudly Presents : IR FEST 2017 “Inspiring Entrepreneurial Spirit through International Culture” Sebuah festival kebudayaan satu-satunya yang menumbuhkan jiwa entrepreneurship kepada kalangan muda melalui kecintaan terhadap kebudayaan di berbagai negara. – COMING SOON…..